Our Approach

Paying close attention to the details is vital to the development of spectacular residences, and it’s the key to our success at reModerned.

We approach each project by analyzing it from the standpoint of technical needs, design elements and of course, finances, in order to gain a full understanding of its potential.

Our design approach is inspired by the works of the late acclaimed architect John Lautner, a disciple of Frank Lloyd Wright, who believed in crafting clean and simple modern architecture, while integrating it harmoniously with the natural environment.

The main thing Wright stressed was to have a total idea. If you didn’t have a total idea, you didn’t have anything. All you had was an assembly of clichés.
— John Lautner

With this in mind, we begin all our design work with a thorough assessment of the setting, to ensure that the finished structure takes into account everything from slopes to natural light to significant landscape features. This approach is what enables us to craft a well-founded artistic vision that drives our projects, enabling us to create homes that are not only beautiful, but highly functional, as well.