The reModerned Approach

Design-Build as defined by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) 

“Is a method of project delivery in which one entity
signs a single contract accepting full responsibility
for both design and construction services”.

As a Design-Build firm, we accept the full responsibility for both design and construction but our approach is significantly different than most other firms. While we are very design driven, our initial focus is to develop a practical approach to construction as we strive to get the most from each structure.

Most Design-Build firms are predominantly architect driven with the construction piece being secondary. That is not to suggest that there is anything wrong with this approach it is just fundamentally different than how we look at prospective projects.  

We believe that many properties already have the “good bones” necessary to build upon. This allows for a tremendous amount of savings with a minimal amount of compromise to the end result. This not only helps the bottom line, but also keeps unnecessary waste out of the landfill. Our design process works hand in hand with this construction driven approach.

Your Priorities

First and foremost, we are interested in understanding what you the client are looking for. It is critical to understand your needs, wants and ideal circumstance. The number of desired bedrooms and baths, an ideal kitchen layout, and every other detail of how your family will use your reModerned home comes first. The AIA refers to this as the “Program”. As we develop a clear understanding of your program it becomes much easier to evaluate the overall structure and determine a cost effective reModerned approach.